Bee Dee Bags and Cassava Bags Australia offer the perfect solution to remove plastic from your business. Our 100% PLASTIC FREE bag is made from cassava starch. We are ready to despatch singlet bags, postal mailers, bin liner bags and pet waste bags.

Cassava is a root vegetable that is very similar to a potato. After the industrial process, we get a biofilm that does not contain plastic or microplastic as it is made from non-petroleum materials.

Cassava Bags will biodegrade naturally in the environment. It is instantly dissolvable in water at temperatures of 80+ degrees Celsius and can also naturally decompose in cold water within three months. We encourage consumers to compost their bags. In landfills, it takes six months to biodegrade into Earth-friendly compost naturally.

You can customise the size, thickness and branding of the product. Become an eco-friendly business today!

Products found in Cassava Bags

Sold out

Cassava Postal Satchel Small - 500/Ctn
  • $165.00
  • + GST
Cassava Postal Satchel Medium - 500/Ctn
  • $262.00
  • + GST
Cassava Postal Satchel Large - 200/Ctn
  • $214.00
  • + GST
Cassava Pet Waste Bags - 50 Rolls/Ctn
  • $173.00
  • + GST
Cassava Singlet Bag Medium - 350/Ctn
  • $178.00
  • + GST
Cassava Singlet Bag Large - 350/Ctn
  • $221.00
  • + GST
Cassava Bin Liner 27L - 100/Ctn
  • $52.00
  • + GST
Cassava Bin Liner 54L - 100/Ctn
  • $110.00
  • + GST
Cassava Bin Liner 60L - 100/Ctn
  • $143.00
  • + GST